At Preston Associates, our mission is rooted in the power of data to . lives across Africa.

As authorities in data gathering, analysis and insights, we shape narratives that drive meaningful impact for communities.


People are at the heart of our work. With empathy, we seek to deeply understand the human experiences behind the data. This allows us to present clarity from complexity – turning numbers into narratives that resonate.

Preston Associates is an authorities in data gathering, data analysis and insights across Africa

Our Services

Integrity guides our every action. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, building trust through transparency, accuracy and respect for the individuals represented in the data.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning

–  Third Party Monitoring
–  Impact Assessment
–  KPI Monitoring
–  Program Evaluation (Baseline, Midline, Endline)


–  Formative Research
–  Implementation Research
–  Market Research (Survey)

Data Management

–  Data Collection
–  Data Processing
–  Data Analysis and Visualization
–  Data Literacy Workshop
–  Data Security

Costing (One Health Tool)

–  Scenerio Setting
–  Intervention Costing
–  Forecasting

System Strengthening

–  Capacity Building
–  Organizational Assessment
–  Leadership Development





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Our Clients & Partners

Our clients and partners include international and domestic non-governmental organizations, national and state level government agencies/parastatals, as well as, bilateral and multilateral organizations.


Israel Boboye
Israel BoboyeStaff
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By tracking data, we gain insights into trends, patterns, and changes. This allows us to stay informed about community dynamics and adapt their strategies accordingly.
Chineme Anowai
Chineme AnowaiStaff
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Preston Asssociate is a direct expression of who we are and our commitment to using data to create positive change and drive impact across Africa.
Preston Associates is an authorities in data gathering, data analysis and insights across Africa
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We are committed to enhancing development outcomes in Africa, especially in health, governance, education, gender, child and youth development.

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