Research and Academic Partnership

Preston Associates is committed to driving progress in human development through research, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, consulting, and advocacy, recognizes the pivotal role of collaborative efforts in addressing critical issues spanning health, education, agriculture and livelihood, humanitarian, governance, gender, environment, and climate change. The goal of this partnership is to work together on projects of mutual interest related to research and development. Our mission is to cultivate synergistic relationships with academic institutions and individual scholars to advance knowledge creation, policy development, and societal transformation. With a focus on fostering multidisciplinary collaboration, our strategy encompasses four key areas:

1. Knowledge Sharing:

Leveraging existing research data and publications for systematic review, meta-analysis, and Big data for AI-driven insights, we aim to create a repository of knowledge that facilitates evidence-based decision-making and innovation.

2. Collaboration for Proposal and Grant Writing:

Engaging academia in responding to calls for proposals and pursuing research grants, we seek to harness expertise in diverse domains to address pressing societal challenges and pioneer new avenues of inquiry.

3. Collaboration in Paper Writing and Publication:

By partnering with academic stakeholders, we endeavor to amplify the impact of our research endeavors through joint publication efforts, thereby enhancing the visibility and dissemination of valuable insights.

4. Public Policy Research and Advocacy:

Informed by rigorous research and evaluation, we advocate for evidence-informed policymaking by collaborating with policymakers and leveraging academic expertise to drive meaningful policy change.

Our strategy is underpinned by the recognition of the mutual benefits inherent in collaborative partnerships. Academia brings invaluable expertise, rigorous methodologies, and institutional resources to bear, while our organization offers opportunities for applied research, real-world impact, and avenues for scholarly dissemination.

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