Evaluation of Maternity Record Booklet Utilization and Pregnancy Outcomes in Health Facilities

JHPIEGO; June – September 2018

The JHPIEGO funded study was an exploratory and descriptive study conducted in June 2018 by Preston Healthcare Consulting (Now Preston Associates). The study used mixed methods of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to evaluate the use of maternity record booklets and its relationship with pregnancy outcomes in Ebonyi and Kogi States.

The quantitative method employed the use of retrospective record review. This was done by extrapolating information from the maternity record booklet, by means of a developed checklist adapted from an audit tool used in the British National Health Service (NHS). The purpose was to assess how well the health care providers were using and documenting services provided within maternity records booklets during Antenatal care (ANC), labour, delivery and Post-natal care (PNC). The qualitative method used Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) to gather information from health care providers (HCPs) regarding their experience when using the maternity record booklet. These interviews were aimed at eliciting views, opinions, and underlying responses on the appropriateness, usability and beneficial effects of using the booklets, if any.

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