Young Africa Works by Mastercard Foundation

The Young Africa Works project is a transformative initiative focused on tackling the high rates of unemployment in Africa. By 2030, it aims to create pathways to dignified and fulfilling employment for 30 million young Africans. This ambitious project recognizes the significant challenges faced by the youth across the continent, including limited job opportunities and skills mismatches.

To address these issues, Young Africa Works implemented comprehensive strategies that include vocational training, entrepreneurial support, and partnerships with various sectors to foster job creation. The project emphasizes the importance of quality employment, ensuring that the jobs created are not only abundant but also meaningful and sustainable. By equipping young people with the necessary skills and opportunities, Young Africa Works strives to empower a new generation of Africans to contribute positively to their economies and communities, ultimately driving widespread economic growth and development across Africa. The process of these project included having a Consortium Lead that aims at spearheading the initiative to ensure strategic alignment and effective implementation across all participating organizations, Project Coordination which involves managing and coordinating various activities, stakeholders, and resources to achieve the project’s objectives, Impact Monitoring which aims at Continuously assessing the project’s outcomes and impacts to ensure goals are being met and to inform necessary adjustments, use of Mixed Methods by employing both qualitative and quantitative research methods to capture a comprehensive understanding of the project’s effects, and use of proper Data Collection methods which systematically gathering data to support impact monitoring and to drive evidence-based decision-making.

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